A Charity Concert: Celebrating the life of Your own, your VERY own! Mr. PETER SUTHERLAND
Burq Off!: The only way out is off!
Economics Burlesque : Economics Burlesque
In Spotlight - Indian Classical Music and Dance : Khyal by Radha Mehta / "Samarpana" - Bharatanatyam by students of Usha Raghavan
Jazz In The Round: Barrier-busting jazz/ contemporary music binge with Jazz on 3 presenter Jez Nelson. Every last Monday.
KILLING KIT: The return of one of The Cockpit's most recent successes.
Me and My Cat?: Adapted from the book by Satoshi Kitamura this is a fast paced, action packed story for everyone aged 6+
Merely: Julius Caesar: The Merely Players announce their seventh Shakespeare production in seven months: Julius Caesar
New Works: New Works, Royal Conservatoire’s annual groundbreaking new writing collaboration with Playwrights’ Studio
New World Playwrights -A Night of Unwriting : A Showcase Night -premiering the work of seven exceptional playwitghts from the Americas.
Pentecost by David Edgar (Part of The Iron Curtain Trilogy): 1995 Evening Standard Best New Play of the Year.
Robin Hood: Wizard Theatre's own band of Merry Men return to the Cockpit with the most enduring of English Legends!
The Shape of the Table by David Edgar (Part of The Iron Curtain Trilogy): "When the Wall came tumbling down, the battle for power had just begun."
Theatre In The Pound: An evening of fifteen minute performances of new drama, writing, cabaret and all things theatrical.
Voila!: The annual French-language-loving festival.
Waiting for Godot: Beckett's classic as Beckett intended: funny, moving and terrifying


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