Theatre Maker


Making Motivated Theatre: Theatre that can only be made by the person making it.

THEATRE MAKER is a community of creatives with a shared interest in making motivated theatre.

Not just our ideas, your ideas. In fact, we currently help to stage more shows than any other London theatre...

The skills you learn, and the shows you develop wll get your ideas on stage, not lost to the pages of a notebook.



We are planning on holding a Theatre maker launch day towards the end of February.

This will consist of talks, masterclasses, and mini taster sessions, followed one or two shows in the evening.

LEARN: A range of classes, courses, workshops and talks

“The emphasis is on creating theatre (or possibly film) as the name suggests, rather than just giving actors skills for the industry... So not sitting waiting for your agent to ring but being pro active and creating your own work. This fits in with The Cockpit's ethos of helping up new companies and artists, and means we can tie the classes into some of the things we already do. For example our monthly scratch night 'Theatre in the Pound' will be used as a platform for showing work created in the classes." - Theresa Brockway - Theatre Maker class Co-ordinator

Topics for classes and workshops are to include: Working As An Ensemble, Create Your Own One Person Show, Directing Solo Work, Utilising Black-Box Exercises, Lighting A Show, Devising, Improvisation


SHARE: Opportunities to share ideas, scripts, and snippets with an audience at our performance nights

We have two platforms that we run monthly for creatives to show new work.

THEATRE IN THE POUND: Our monthly scratch night in the main space and NEW STUFF: Our monthly rehearsed readings in studio one.

Participants in our new classes will have the chance to show their work at one of these nights. 

DEVELOP: Helping work go further.

Motivated theatre is theatre that can only be made by the person making it. Something that’s dear to them, something that  they are passionate about, a story that only they can tell.

We are starting a scheme for selected companies and individuals, helping them to take their motivated theatre work forward.

We programme a hugely diverse selection of work at The Cockpit and are always keen to work with individuals and companies that are creating motivated theatre. Rehearsal space, box office splits, assistance with tech, design, direction, marketing, social media support… are some of the ways we help visiting companies that are performing at The Cockpit. We always try to help companies where we can. However, we have, until now, disconnected with many of these companies as soon as they leave our building and take the show on to wherever it is destined to go next.

BENEFIT: Additional rewards as a Theatre Maker Member

Theatre Maker participants will benefit from reduced studio hire, concessions on tickets, reduced rate classes and a discount at our bar.