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Courses held at City of Westminster College.

Theatre Maker

A New Range Of Courses Launching In 2018

The Salon Collective

Train : Develop : Create

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Be the Actor Within

Method Acting

6 sessions held on Saturdays.

Mask & Physical Character Work

Open up your physical acting, challenge your habits & connect with character

A 6 week course - held once a week

Meisner Stage 1: Emotional Connection

Be a more instintive & truthful actor

A 5 week course - held once a week.

Meisner Stage 2: Improvisation & Relationships

Deepen your acting and connection to your partner

A 12 week course - held once a week from 17th September

Meisner Stage 3: Character, Text & Scene Work

Become a dynamic, bold & confident actor

12 sessions held twice a week

Rainbow Ballet Studio

Classcial ballet classes for beginners to advanced level. Private RAD exam coaching upon request.

Shakespeare: Making Scenes

Bringing Shakespeare scenes to life

Course length: 6 weeks


Perform Shakespeare Without Rehearsal

Text Analysis

Create rich, emotive performances from text!

9 & 10 September 10am - 5pm

Unlocking: Shakespeare: An Introduction

Pick the lock & open the door into Shakespeare’s text

A 2 Day Introductory Course

Where The Hell Are You?

Fill your audience's imagination & create a physical environment

6 weekly sessions from the 19th September