4th Festival of Spanish Theatre

A Festival Of Spanish Theatre (W/ English Surtitles)

Mon 13 Jun 2016 to Sun 19 Jun 2016

4th Festival of Spanish Theatre

Produced and presented by Spanish Theatre Festival London
Hosted by The Cockpit


The Festival of Spanish Theatre in London was launched four years ago with the aim of bringing well-established theatre companies from Spain to the UK.
All the plays will be presented in Spanish, with English surtitles during performances to reach a wider and more diverse audience.
We also organise parallel activities (in Spanish and English), such as seminars, conferences, workshops and Q&A sessions with the actors and directors involved in each Festival.
The Festival’s goal is to welcome everyone with an interest in Spanish theatre, culture and language.


A play written by Juan Carlos Rubio, discusses frontiers, migration, human stupidity, and the extent to which humans can be manipulated.  The play is also a tragicomic portrait of the soul of two individuals lost in the desert of life.  The playwright invents a world of voids, of lacks of communication between human beings and between countries, a picture of the absurdity we invent day after day when we activate our intellectual borders.

Los Espejos de Don Quijote
The play is based on new research into the over-mythologised personality of the protagonist, Cervantes.  We know a few facts about Cervantes’ life, some odd pieces of the jigsaw, but these have not allowed us to build a complete and realistic picture of him.

This jigsaw, this story, is about the trajectory of Cervantes – now revealed in the play – and as such it should be considered as a piece of transformational art, as an act of rectification through art and culture.

For more information please go to: www.festivalspanishtheatre.co.uk

Arizona (3 shows): Monday 13th June to Wednesday 15th June 2016.
Los Espejos de Don Quijote (4 shows): Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th June 2016.

Shows 7:30pm apart from Sunday 19th which is at 1:00pm

Full price: £20.00 Concessions: £15.00 Groups of 6-10: £12.00