Baladi Blues Connects : with Sonia Ochoa

A Journey Through Arabic Music & Dance

Sat 1 Apr 2017

Baladi Blues Connects : with Sonia Ochoa

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Baladi Blues Connects : with Sonia Ochoa

Hosted by The Cockpit

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to join us for a very special evening of Arabic live music and dance in the heart of London, with some of the UK and beyond's most beloved artists.

The critically acclaimed Baladi Blues Ensemble will set the musical stage, featuring Guy Schalom on percussion, Magdy Tewfik on quarter-tone accordion and Glenn Sharp bringing a sprinkling of Spanish flavour with flamenco guitar.

Embodying the music, we are honoured to be presenting:
Sonia Ochoa (USA)
Hannah Mi Anis (UK/FireWater)
Anna Kemper (UK/Small World Centre)
Angelina (Germany - first time in the UK)

If you were there to soak in the energy of this collaboration last year, we hope that you will join us again as the evening evolves and develops further! And if you weren't present last year, then all the more reason to join us for a unique sensory journey exploring the deep connection between music and dance, in a theatre-in-the-round staging.

£18 (advance) | £21 (on the door) | £14 (advance consessions)

Please note that tickets are limited and advance booking is strongly advised. This event sold out in advance last year, and events featuring the Baladi Blues Ensemble are known for selling out.


About Sonia Ochoa:
Los Angeles native Sonia Ochoa has become one of the most sought after dance instructors and performers today. Her ever expanding curiosity and passion for dance has led her to tour with companies of various genres, featuring her as a lead dancer and contributing choreographer, most notably with the world-renowned Bellydance Superstars, putting her on the map as one of the top performers in the dance scene. In recent years, Sonia has redirected her focus by devoting much of her time and energy toward a more concentrated practice, broadening her dance repertoire.

About Guy Schalom:
Guy Schalom, described as “one of the most interesting and versatile percussionists working in the UK today” (fROOTS) has been an ambassador of Egyptian Baladi music for well over a decade. He has released no less than eight albums with his popular band the Baladi Blues Ensemble and presented the popular BBC documentary “Bellydancing and the Blues”.

About Magdy Tewfik:
Born in Cairo, Magdy Tewfik has been specialising in Egyptian accordion for over 40 years. He has worked with top dancers Sahar Hamdi and Zizi Mostafa as well as singers Maher el Attar and Mohamed Abdel Motleb. Since relocating to Germany, he has worked with Sayed Balaha, Mahmoud Fadl and Nubian band Salamat.

About Glenn Sharp:
Glenn is a featured artist with Baladi Blues Ensemble. He specialises in flamenco, arabic and mediterranean music but has also worked on projects including Latin, Indian, African and ancient Greco/Roman music. He has performed and studied traditional music worldwide, playing instruments including guitar (flamenco, classical, acoustic and electric), oud, saz, cumbus, bouzouki and lyre to mention a few.

About Hannah Mi Anis:
Hannah Mi Anis is a London based dancer and instructress. Her dance is rooted in the energy, technique and philosophy of Tribal Fusion and Sacred Earth belly dance; a dance with respect for nature and the elements, woman's innate knowledge, the language of archetypes and each individual's spiritual depth. She has appeared on festival stages, toured with World music and Klezmer bands, held a residency at one of London's most beloved Arabic nightclubs, performed for Weddings and Special events, independent music videos, fashion shows and danced for London's independent Arts scene.

About Anna Kemper:
Anna Kemper began studying belly dance in 1993 in Seattle, USA, and earned a B.A. in Dance and Film Production from Bard College, New York in 2001. She has travelled throughout the world studying with master teachers in different styles of belly dance, absorbing languages, histories and contexts for various branches of this diverse global dance form. In 2002 Anna moved to south London and has been primarily based there ever since. As the director for The Small World Centre she organizes classes, workshops and events throughout the London area. She is dedicated to promoting the art of belly dance in its many guises and to supporting local students and professionals.

About Angelina:
Angelina is a popular performer in the Frankfurt area, and also travels to perform for audiences world-wide. Originally from Russia she fell in love with Oriental dance at childhood. Since then, she has been looking for ways to improve her skills and knowledge of the dance. Several education programmes and masterclasses later, she teaches in Frankfurt and is realising ideas for events such as and She is the owner of which is the biggest Bellydance platform and information site in Germany.

Saturday 1st April - 8:00pm

Advance: £18 / Concessions: £14 (advance only) On the door: £21