Carry it to the End

On making sense of a world going mad

Sun 12 Nov 2017

Carry it to the End

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Produced and presented by Maud Madlyn & Defiant Reality Theatre

Hosted by The Cockpit

Carry it to the End

Developed between England, Colombia, Mexico and India, 'Carry it to the End' is one performer's account of making sense of a world going mad.

It starts with a helpless and lonely knock on a shaman's maloca door.

What follows is a fantastical theatre tale weaving through geographical lands and metaphysical realms.

A tale about what it is to be human, a tale to remind ourselves of our responsability within the grand scheme of things, a tale to burn to the ground the idea that nothing can be done, a tale about looking at our helplessness in the eye and rekindling the hope that it doesn't have to be this way.

So what happens along the way? What is this mysterious load to carry and where exactly is this infamous titled end? You'll have to come and see it to find out!

European Country: France
Language: English

Sunday 12th November - 6:00pm

£10 online, £12 on the door