Floating Citizens

Devised performance by female Chinese artists

Sun 19 Aug 2018 to Mon 20 Aug 2018

Floating Citizens

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Produced and presented by Yumei Move and July Yang

Hosted by The Cockpit


“I want a life in which I can fly away when I want to.”

Based on true stories about turning-point events in life, the devised performance “Floating Citizens” is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of travelling female Chinese artists. It probes into people’s struggle for autonomy in the conditions of supermodernity, and how culturally specific experiences have a global relevance, from a personal and physical perspective.

“I want a life in which I can fly away when I want to.”

She is at an airport, or a train station, or driving on a highway, or wandering in a shopping mall. She feels as a ‘noise spot’ in the bustle, as if floating. It often reminds her of her travelling friends, like one who moved from an inland Chinese city to Shenzhen; the frontier of China’s Reform and Open policy. Or another who hopped on the flight from Amsterdam to London, convinced that he would start a new life. There isn’t much drama in these stories, but the struggle to take control over one’s own fate is silent and strong.

She is every artist behind “Floating Citizens”. For now she is Chinese; but she wants to explore whether she is also any cosmopolitan individual who moves from place to place. How much does her experience with China’s rapid modernization count for the global phenomenon of supermodernity and overwhelming non-places? How much does her disconnection with their own bodies a common experience with the voluntarily up-rooted? She wants to share these unspeakable and intangible things with other people; face-to-face, in means more than just words. She also decides to let the stories she collected lead her creativity so as to generate an encounter that will surprise both her audience and herself.

The “Floating Citizens” ensemble are alumna of various renowned art institutes in London. They are also participants in major festivals like Grimeborn, Camden Fringe, Migration Matters Festival, Sprint, China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Beijing ONE, Arnolfini, London Fashion Week, as well as Celeste Prize finalist and collaborator with Complicite. The performance is  supported by The Cultivate Programme at China Exchange, which has been dedicated to supporting artists that explore works discussing China and its connection to the world.

“A piece fusing creativity with experience that aim to exam our purpose of living in arts.”
--- The Cultivate Programme at China Exchange

Sunday 19th & Monday 20th August - 7:00pm

For more information, please visit sites.google.com/view/floatingcitizens/
Full price: £ 10 Concessions: £ 7