Gone Off

An unabashed celebration of queer club culture.

Thu 17 Aug 2017 to Sat 19 Aug 2017

Gone Off

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Produced and presented by TobyLikesMILK

Hosted by The Cockpit

TobyLikesMILK are a London based contemporary dance company and will be performing at The Cockpit as part of the 2017 Camden Fringe.

It is 50 years since the UK abolished the criminalization of homosexuality, but Britain’s LGBTQA community continues to fight for a seat at the table. The company makes works that aim to challenge heteronormative society and create more queer normative spaces.

Gone Off is an unabashed celebration and historical exploration of the queer club culture of the 1970's, It has been conceived to raise awareness about the diminishing footprint of London’s LGBTQA-centric social scene, exploring how important these safe, nurturing spaces are to a community that has been, and continues to be, systematically marginalized. 

Expect quirky characters who explore the eccentricities of vogue and the fluidity of contemporary dance - accompanied by music from iconic LGBTQA artists.

All filming and photography courtesy of Michelle Rose Photography.

Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th August - 9pm

Price: £10