A Refugee Meets The Jellyfish In A Musical Encounter

Sat 5 Aug 2017


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Presented by Mica Mono
Written by Eugenie Rose Abbott

Hosted by The Cockpit


A surreal play about a refugee forced from her home due to rising floods. Sita goes to the Mega CIty to find sanctuary. She takes refuge in the “Hanky-Bank’, a brothel run by Mish, the benefactor of the city. Mish maintains control by distributing Rosy Grey, a drug-like paint mixture which allows consumers to avoid pain with its quick “pick me up” (PMU). Sita becomes addicted to Rosy Grey in a desperate hunt to find her lost brother, whom she believes will meet her in the city.
While working a shift, she meets Jacob, an employee of Mish and paint dealer. The two dare to step outside of Rosy Grey and meet with the Jellyfish, a deity on the edge of their perception. The Jelly guides them in their hopes of resisting the manipulations and needy temptations of Rosy Grey. The show will include live music, movement and poetry.

£1 of each ticket goes to Help Refugees charity.

Saturday 5th August at 9pm

Full price: £10 Concessions: £9