Mapping Beckett

For Like Minds Who Like Words.

Sun 27 Nov

Mapping Beckett

A Cockpit Production



Monthly performed readings and discussion charting the iconic Irish writer’s reference points, work and life.

Listen to the plays, the poetry, the prose, the letters, and some of the source material of Europe’s greatest 20th century literary mind, followed by an open discussion with admirers and enquirers alike, in the comfortable Cockpit bar or upstairs in Studio 1.

With Peter Marinker – Director, Bookshop Theatre

Last show of the season

27th November: Beckett and the Greeks

This evening we follow a thread through Beckett’s work to illustrate his "fictional" biography and its recurring references to parents and childhood.

This family content appears to have been unleashed following his sessions of analysis with Wilfred Bion at London's Tavistock Clinic ​in 1933​ not long after the death of his much-loved father. In 1935 he terminated these sessions and managed to finish his first novel and have it published. So, we begin with Murphy and then move in and out of the Greek tragedy written 2,500 years ago, Oedipus the King. Sigmund Freud, used the story as his model for what he called the Oedipus complex, the unconscious desire of the son to possess the mother and overcome the father. 

Of course this devised reading will tell us nothing about the unconscious mind of Samuel Beckett, but it will allow us to visit some of his most powerful prose and dramatic work- Murphy, Company,  Embers, Eh Joe, From an Abandoned Work, Molloy, Endgame, Rockaby- and to continue to be both baffled and enlightened.


Please note: Mapping Beckett will often be in Studio 1. Access is via a broad spiral staircase and is not wheelchair accessible or suitable for people who have difficulty with stairs.

If this is a problem please write to thebookshoptheatreatgmail [dot] com (subject: Mapping%20Beckett)