Nothing to Perform

Everything comes from nothing.

Fri 11 Aug 2017 to Sun 13 Aug 2017

Nothing to Perform

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Produced and presented by Howland & Taylor 

Hosted by The Cockpit

Davey, Andrew and Tom are three caretakers from the north-east of England. They wrote, rehearsed and produced a play which no one will ever see.

Nothing to Perform is the funny, heart-warming and brutally honest story of why.


‘Nothing to Perform’ is a play about nothing. Davey is a 25 year old working class lad from the north-east of England and he has reached a dead-end.

“I always feel like my Dad is thinking similar things, but we’re daring each other to go first…”

In spite of Davey’s ambition and potential, he finds himself working as a caretaker in the performing arts department of his local university alongside his affable best friend, Andrew, and their stubborn, grandfather-figure, Tom.

Feeling resentful of the students and patronised by the staff, Davey is desperate for a change.
He decides to put on a play, with the help of Andrew and Tom. ‘Nothing to Perform’ is the brutally honest story of why it never happens.

“This door was intended for you. And you alone could have climbed through it. It will now close…”

Writer and RADA MA graduate Scott Howland leads a cast of northern actors in this, his story of dystopian abstraction, influenced by Stephen Berkoff’s ‘The Trial’, and gritty working-class realness.

New York City director and fellow RADA MA graduate Harriet Taylor makes her London debut.

'Nothing to Perform' has "wit and compassion … It's engaging and charming and will read beautifully." - Simon Stephens, Playwright of THE CURIOUS INCIDENT and PUNK ROCK

“A really fresh concept. I loved it. It's smart, funny, tragic, unpredictable.” - Kane Husbands, Choreographer/Director at NATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE, NATIONAL THEATRE, and ALMEIDA THEATRE

“Moving and funny - highly recommended.” - Damon Alexis-Rochefort, Writer on CORONATION STREET and BENIDORM

Friday 11th August 9pm
Saturday 12th August 9pm
Sunday 13th August 8pm

Full price: £12.00 Concessions: £8.00