Readings - The Work Of Samuel Beckett

Monthly Readings Of Incisive Subversive Writing

Sun 25 Nov 2018

Readings - The Work Of Samuel Beckett

A Cockpit Production



Presenting incisive, subversive writing from every era.

Readings and discussion of the most disruptive, from the most informed, for the most discerning. Work from Beckett to Homer and back again - a word to the wise.

Listen to plays,  poetry,  prose, and letters always followed by an open discussion, in the comfortable Cockpit bar or upstairs in Studio 1.




In the final READING of the year the renowned translator of Russian literature, MARY HOBSON, joins Peter in reading from her recent publication AFTER ONEGIN. 
This is her very personal selection of the poetry and letters of PUSHKIN who was the great grandson of an African slave adopted by the Czar. 
After finishing his masterwork, EUGENE ONEGIN, Pushkin married an 18 year old beauty. His early death (aged 37) was the result of a duel with his wife’s would-be seducer.  
Last year Mary was celebrated in Moscow for her English translations. She is a remarkable women. After reading Tolstoy's War and Peace, her passion drove her to learn Russian in her late 50’s.  Her translations are those of a musician and  poet (she trained as a concert pianist at the Royal Academy). I hope to see you at the reading. 


Peter Marinker (Director of The Bookshop Theatre Company)


in January we will return to Beckett with RETURNING TO GODOT which ends with a sketch of Act I of the play.  




Sundays - 7:30pm


Please note: Readings will often be in Studio 1. Access is via a broad spiral staircase and is not wheelchair accessible or suitable for people who have difficulty with stairs.

If this is a problem please write to thebookshoptheatre [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Mapping%20Beckett)