Rootlost @ Applecart Arts

A search for a lost identity

Tue 14 Nov 2017

Rootlost @ Applecart Arts

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Produced and presented by Loosely Based Theatre

Hosted by The Cockpit as part of VOILA! Europe

Performed at Applecart Arts


This dynamic, autobiographical solo performance tells the moving story of a search for a lost identity. Told in English and Polish, from Magdalena's unique perspective as both insider and outsider, Rootlost delves into the interwoven histories of a fragmented family and a country in transition.

A debut autobiographical solo performance. Rootlost is a bilingual one-woman play about the paradox of being from a place but not belonging there. It uses translation, sound, voice-over and live performance to tell the story of the unique circumstances that took a normal, small-town Polish girl halfway across the world to a country with palm trees instead of pine trees and sandstorms instead of snowstorms.

Told in both English and Polish, from the point of view of a child, it traces changing identity through the use of recorded sound, storytelling and movement.

(In English and Polish)


14th November 8.45pm
Full price: £10 Concessions: £8