Sweeney Todd

Sondheim's classic, done entirely by teens.

Sat 25 Nov 2017

Sweeney Todd


Produced and presented by The Theatre of Experimental Amateurs (T.E.A)

Hosted by The Cockpit

Sweeney Todd

"We'll serve anyone, and to anyone, at all."

For one night only, TEA are performing Sondheim's epic musical thriller, Sweeney Todd.

The musical follows the story of a barber when he returns to London from 15 years on the penal colony of Australia. He and his old friend, Mrs, Lovett, the owner of a pie shop on Fleet Street, begin their plans to exact revenge on everyone who has wronged him. 

Punctuated by horrific twists and dark comedy, Sweeney Todd is performed, produced and directed by teens from TEA, a youth amateur theatre group founded by Noga Levy Rapoport and Jonah McLeod in January 2017.


For more information about TEA, and any questions about the group, please email infoatyouthteatheatre [dot] co [dot] uk


Saturday 25th November - 7:30pm

All tickets: £6