The Will

A comedy about sex, love & money. From 1736 to 2017, nothing ever changes.

Fri 29 Sep 2017

The Will


Produced and presented by Foppish Theatre Company

Hosted by The Cockpit

For one night only!

The WIll

by Marivaux
in a translation by Michael Sadler

According to the terms of the Will, The Marquis stands to inherit 600,000 francs! Unfortunately for him, not even the dead acquiesce such sizeable fortunes without a quid pro quo. In this case, a marriage. Though his heart is set on the beautiful and shrewd Countess, The Marquis must marry the cold and cunning Hortense, or a third of his fortune is forfeit. The two cannot stand each-other and though neither party wishes to wed, neither wish to lose the money. While the Marquis fumbles at the feet of the widowed Countess, Hortense and her devoted admirer, The Chevalier, hatch a Machiavellian plan to win their share of the fortune. The Will invites you to a stately country house where scheming servants manipulate their masters and gossip fills the halls. After a sold out performance at the Crescent Theatre Birmingham, don't miss its London debut!

'Hugely enjoyable, this production tickles and amuses.' - William Stafford, Bum on a Seat

Directed by Dewi Johnson

Tessa Bonham Jones
Liam Lau Fernandez
Scarlett Saunders
Dominic Weatherill
Andrew Buzzeo
Cicely Whitehead

Set and Costume design by Denisa Dumitrescu
Lighting design by James Booth

Anticipated running time: 1 Hour and 10 mins
There will be no interval.

The Will was first performed in 1736 by the Comedie Francaise 

Friday 29th September - 7:30pm

Full price: £9.00