Van Gogh on The Beach

A story of Vincent, love, art & Lost Angels

Thu 2 Aug 2018

Van Gogh on The Beach

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 PoetryHouse proudly present

Van Gogh on the Beach: #Lost Angels

Written & Directed by Jahmar Ngozi (Emerging Award Winner)

Van Gogh on the Beach is a new contemporary piece of writing.

Part fact and part fiction its unconventional form uses a fusion of poetry, drama, dance and art to explore the character of Van Gogh with particular focus on his love for Art and love for a promiscuous, strong headed woman.
Set in Los Angeles in the 80's/90’s, the idea of artists only associating with their respective peers has caused a fractured community. There is a solution.
Experience a time when Art was a free form of expression without boundaries.

Actors’ Temple
Full of emotion and steeped in cultural and historical context. His writing takes you on a journey through love, poetry, jazz, music and dance!

Charming show with killer singing, beautiful #SpokenWord and an important message from @poetryhouseldn

Great performance, great vibe, lovely words. Really enjoyed. Thx.

@poetryhouseldn A wonderful evening thanks to your phenomenal work.

Thursday 2nd August - 9pm

Full price: £10 Concessions: £7