What I Really Wanted to Say Was... @ Applecart Arts

A social satire on discrimination in the workplace

Fri 17 Nov 2017 to Sat 18 Nov 2017

What I Really Wanted to Say Was... @ Applecart Arts

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Produced and presented by Shtoom Productions

Hosted by The Cockpit as part of VOILA! Europe

Performed at Apple Cart Arts

What I Really Wanted to Say Was...


A LOL social-satire where we revisit and stage our most awkward, inappropriate conversations.

Society's reliant on political correctness so where do you stand? How would you react? What would you have said? Thought provoking punchlines and ruthless, rough and ready rhymes-

Will you wince, laugh, cringe or cry?

How can one person's story actually tell the lives of many? - Because this is everyone's story at some point.

Discrimination comes in all different forms and one doesn't rule over another. They are all just as bad. Unfortunately when it happens we just grin and bear it - most of the time and think of the best reply when it's too late.

A social satire which explores different types of discrimination in the workplace.

The stories we have dramatised come from personal and researched experiences which we felt were extreme.

(In English)

17th November 8.45pm, 18th November 7.15pm
Full price: £10 Concessions: £8