Theatre Maker

We're a theatre of ideas.

Not just our ideas, your ideas. In fact, we currently help to stage more shows than any other London theatre... but it's not enough!

In 2018 we'll be launching a series of classes and courses to help you get your ideas onto our stage and beyond; all culminating in a dedicated showcase at our THEATRE IN THE POUND scratch night.

The skills you learn, and the shows you develop with us will be utilized on our stage, not lost to the pages of a notebook.

Come and join us and let's make theatre. 


The emphasis on Theatre Maker will be on creating theatre (or possibly film)  as the name suggests, rather than just giving actors skills for the industry... So an ethos more along the lines of not sitting waiting for your agent to ring but being pro active and creating your own work. This fits in with The Cockpit's general vibe of helping up new companies and artists, and means we can tie the classes into some of the stuff we already do. For example our monthly scratch night 'Theatre in the Pound' could be used as a platform for showing work created in the classes.

Theresa Brockway - Theatre Maker Co-ordinator


We are planning on holding a Theatre maker launch festival, one weekend towards the end of February. This will consist of talks, masterclasses, and mini taster sessions, followed one or two shows in the evening.
An Introduction to Screen Acting

Acting for TV & Film with Steve North

Create your own One Person Show

Create your own piece and showcase it at The Cockpit!