Produced and presented by The Cockpit

Voila!, our French-language-loving annual festival, returns for its 4th year.

 3rd to 11th of November 2016!


Companies that wish to present a 50 min piece (or less) in French, bilingual or inspired by francophone work but performed in English language, are welcome to send their submissions to voilaatthecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk before the 15th of May 2015.

Our aim is to bridge Anglophone and Francophone cultures through art and make them more accessible to each other in the modern city of London, the 6th largest French-speaking city in the world!

We are open to all genres of performing arts from contemporary/physical to classical plays, stand up comedy, puppetry, musicals, children's stories as well as poetry, art, and dance projects.

Festival participation is £70 per company, on a 50% box office split deal which includes: two or three performances, a three hour get-in, and a technician to operate your show. The theatre will print brochures announcing the festival program in detail, engage with press to get editorials online and in relevant magazines, inform its existing mailing list about the festival, and host a meet and greet evening for participants to get familiar with each other and our venue over the summer.

We are planning a Gala Evening to kick-start the festival on November 3rd, and will be offering limited early bird tickets to start the hype from early September.

Our theatre seats 130 people, or more depending on your show’s configuration.

The upstairs studio spaces at The Cockpit can also be booked for courses, classes and workshops.