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Monday 11 – Friday 15 November 2013
Welcome to Arts of Wellbeing in 2013!
To view the brochure, click here (PDF, 605KB)

This year's programme is packed with events, performances, debates and workshops that demonstrate the empowering effects on health and wellbeing.

Showcasing ways of delivering art activities that can enrich our lives, Arts of Wellbeing also unearths sometimes disturbing and provocative subject matter that tackles a range of issues including discrimination.

Arts and health professionals, campaigners and members of the public can participate in creative arts, join post-show discussions, and meet others involved in this fascinating and flourishing area of work.

Features of the programme include the painting of a mural at The Cockpit, music and dance workshops for people with dementia and Parkinson's, film screenings, interviews, plus presentations by artists who will share their practice, approach, laughter and tears on the subject of wellbeing and the arts.

Most of these events are FREE and everyone is welcome!

Westminster Arts and The Cockpit team look forward to seeing you here at Arts of Wellbeing.

Below is a schedule of events.  Click through to any of them to find out more and book.  

Monday 11 November

1-2pm A Thousand Faces, Amina Khayyam Dance Co (Free show)
2.30-3.30pm Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company (Free workshop)
7pm: Theatre in the Pound: Wellbeing (Show)

Tuesday 12th November

10.45-11.45am Music for Life, Wigmore Hall (Free workshop)
1-1.15pm InMind, Royal Academy of Arts (Free talk)
1.15-2.15pm Resonate, Westminster Arts (Free talk)
3.15-4.45pm Dance for Dementia, English National Ballet  (Free workshop)
3-5pm Origami and card-making (Free workshop)
5.30-6.30pm The Trebus Project (Free show + talk)

Wednesday 13 November

11am-1pm Dance for Parkinson’s, English National Ballet (Free workshop)
2.15-4.15pm Hurried Steps, New Shoes Theatre (Free show)
3-5pm Origami and card-making (Free workshop)
7pm CELL, Little Cauliflower and Smoking Apples  (Show)
8.30pm It Came Out of the Blue, The Galloping Cuckoos (Show)

Thurs 14 Nov

10.15-11.15am Filipino Dance workshop for children, Lahing Kayumanggi (Free workshop)
11.30am The Dragon Who Hates Poetry, Dominic Berry (Show)
2.00-3.00pm Sthreedom: The Good Wife (Free show)
3.30-4.30pm Music Movement Oracle (Free show)
5.30-7.00pm Networking and Streetwise Opera (Free show)
7.30pm All change in arts funding: crisis or opportunity?, Institute of Ideas (Debate)
9.30pm Death and Happiness, Timandra Harkness  (Show)

Friday 15th Nov
11am-2pm The Mobile Variety Club - including Coffee / Talk / Screening & Guided slow walk in the area (Free)
2-2.45pm Body of Knowledge, Open Age (Free show)
3-5pm Origami and card-making (Free workshop)
7.30pm Head-Rot Holiday, Start Up Theatre Company (Show)

For further info, email infoatwestminsterarts [dot] org [dot] uk